the big pomegranate

Toronto, the Big Pomegranate

I was once told that Toronto was New York operated by a Swiss Company. Like a New York that would be clean and boring. That is a cliché. Toronto is neither. Later, a good friend of mine, Julien Villa, observed that Toronto was no town but more like a gigantic village. That is closer from the truth. Toronto did not grew like an apple, it grew more like a pomegranate. Small villages growing in a thick skin of lake, river and escarpment, bumping into each other, embedding, fusioning, breaking, interlacing, interweaving, interacting... internationaling and ta-da, here it is, beautiful, powerful, attractive... and totally disorganized. But Toronto is not the only city build by colliding villages. And yet it is unique. Nothing compares to Toronto. It is not a lesser New York, it is not a bigger Montreal, it has absolutely nothing in common with Chicago. It is Toronto and I decided to find out more about it. Hence this Blog. Thank you for reading it.

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