the big pomegranate

In human big boxes.

I heard or read somewhere, perhaps on the internet, which means it is probably not true, that fear #1 in Canada is public speaking. Looks like there are a lot of insecure people out there trying to hide from the unknown in their own dudley-locked boxes: houses, cars, families, cliques, jobs, pubs, starbucks, religions, facebooks, diets, schools, books, gyms, neighborhoods, shops, opinions... And the more boxes, the better. Doesn't it feel good to be with my family, listening to my CBC in my SUV parked in my garage of my high-rise building in which no stranger can enter? What would they bring, these people that I have not accepted as my friends? Different opinions, alternative ways of life? And what if their world is better than mine? Do I have the strength to rethink my life?

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