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Recycled ideas

Recycling in Canada is widespread as compared to France, which may be surprising in the country of overheated giant malls, overpowered SUV and overlit high rise units. Is it because garbage is in your face while deforestation remains a distant concept in the country of the Boreal Shield ecozone? The same way throwing a stone at a dog is considered animal cruelty, while slaughtering cows for food, seals for fur and mice for convenience is deemed normal. Or is it because Canadians are good little soldiers, and recycle when they are told to do so? Or is it because they actually do not recycle and only pretend to so they have some kind of defense to raise when charged by the Global Green Prosecutor. Weak defense, I think, as I wonder if recycling makes any sense in such a big country. I was told about this community newspaper in butt fuck nowhere North of the country. They wanted their newspaper to be green, so they decided to use recycled paper. Which implied that:
A-Old newspapers are shipped, trucked, flown or sasquatch back carried to Toronto which is the nearest place with the proper recycling plant.
B-Recycled paper is shipped, trucked, flown, sasquatch back carried from Toronto to be printed in butt fuck nowhere which, by the way, has a big paper mill nearby from which paper could be almost delivered by a conveyor belt.
How many trees are equivalent to the carbon footprint of this transportation nightmare?
But it is true that I don't know for sure if recycling as a whole makes sense or not in Canada.
Does anybody knows?
Keep me posted.