the big pomegranate

Mens insana in corpore sano.

Who are these people roaming the street at 5am. Workers on an early shift? Party crowd going home? Vampires? No. Women and men of all ages going to the gym. Or running, swimming, biking, taichiing, pilating, bootcamping, stretching. A little break between 8am and 4pm to go to work, school or walk the dog, and then back to the gym. Quick dinner at 6, a movie (while doing sittups), yoga, herbal tea, facebook (upside down on an exercice ball) and in bed at 10pm. The other option is shoveling snow at 5am, loading stones in the pick-up at 6am, a little break between 8am and 4pm to trade credit default swaps with some greek or geek, depending, and then hockey practice, chopping wood, grilling hamburgers on the barbecue, playing hockey with the kids, playing hockey with the dog, playing hockey with the wife, a beer and in bed at 10pm. Run, comrade, the old world is behind you...

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  1. ooo lalalala. Harsh but oh so true!
    whatever happened to the days of a calme 5 a 7 on a sunny patio? sigh.