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A trashy lefty post in the face of Craig Garret.

You probably don't know Craig Garret. At least the Craig Garret I am talking about. You might know a Craig Garret and there is nothing wrong with that. Except if he is the Craig Garret who wrote in this week's NOW a letter that I am going to quote in extenso here: 'Please do some research before suggesting such moronic ideas in the future like reducing the speed limit to 30km/h. The assumption that speed limits (sic) are the prime cause of accidents or even a cause has been shown to be incorrect many times over. You'd better watch it: keep printing drivel like this and people will start to assume you're just a trashy lefty pulp rag.'
Winston Churchill once said that the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. If Craig Garret is the average voter, I for sure agree. Maybe he (Craig, not Sir Winston) is only a lost soul seeking attention in which case there is no point commenting on his nonsenses. But in case he represents even a minority of today's Torontonian trend of thinking, I feel that it would too bad not to mention it in my blog. So, yes, Craig,  research has been done, everywhere in the world. And everywhere in the world the same clear, overwhelming, obvious result was obtained: higher speed means more victims on the road. OK Craig, you didn't mention victims but accidents. And I can admit -even though I don't think so-that speed is not the prime cause of accident. Because scratching your car while turning left at an intersection and hitting a car that is going straight through counts as an accident. And obviously a 30km/h speed limit would not have avoided this particular accident. Now if the speed of both colliding car is over 30km/h, the collision takes place at over 60 km/h. And what happens Craig if you have a collision at over 60 km/h? Don't try. You might regret it. Also if you have children (is it a good idea?), maybe one day you'll thank the caring people who fought to limit the speed. Not for their benefit, not for their pleasure, not for their amusement but to save the life of your kids (I'd rather imagine you don't have kids). Is caring for the safety of your children a leftist value? Don't answer. I am not really talking to you.

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  1. hahahaha! This is very well written! It always astounds me that what is SO obvious to some is considered "lefty" by others. Lowering the speed limit in Toronto? A city for so many people- bikers, pedestrians, dis-abled people? It just makes sense.

    I'd even mandate limiting car SIZE in the city.
    Wonder what mr. Garret would say to that. :)